Pouzit pro ukonceni piktogramu
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Pouzit pro ukonceni piktogramu

Visiting and Accommodation Regulations of PLACE OF MAGIC

  1. The visiting and accommodation regulations for temporary accommodation of guests is valid for all guests accommodated in PLACE OF MAGIC in Pístov, Chodová Planá (hereafter referred to as the House). By receiving a uniquely generated access code (and thereby paying the agreed price of the accommodation), the guests agree with these regulations and undertake to comply with them.
  2. Each accommodated guest is obliged to familiarise themselves with these regulations and comply with them.
  3. In the whole duration of their stay, the guests are obliged to behave in a way to prevent damage of the House and its equipment, and to prevent fire.
  4. Only persons who are not suffering from infectious diseases during their stay are allowed to use the House.
  5. Whenever leaving the House, the guests are obliged to close the water taps, close the windows, switch off electrical appliances, turn off the lights and close the room doors or the entrance doors.
  6. All guests must maintain cleanliness, order and preserve appliances, which must not be moved or taken out of the House
  7. The Owner of the House is not responsible for guest injuries and damage to their property, unless it was entrusted to them for safekeeping (jewellery, valuables, money). Liability in relation to natural and legal persons is governed by the Civil Code.
  8. Free parking is available next to the House, the car park is kept locked and access to it is only allowed to authorised persons.
  9. The guests use the House on the basis of a confirmation of a written order (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, Skype), or a personal agreement. The guests are entitled to use the House until 10:30 am on the agreed day, after this time they must vacate the rented premises, otherwise another night will be charged (change is possible upon agreement) and no earlier than 3 pm on the day from which the accommodation is booked.
  10. In the entire House and its surroundings, the guest must not move equipment, make repairs, interfere with electrical or plumbing installations and heating controls without the permission of the Owner of the House. The guests are fully responsible for any damage caused by them to the property of the House.
  11. The guests are only entitled to use those electrical devices inside the House that are part of the equipment of the rooms and kitchens, also devices used for personal hygiene (razors, hair dryers, epilators, curling irons, etc.), notebooks and tablets.
  12. No noise is allowed from 10 pm to 7 am. This also applies to animals accommodated with the guests. Violation of night’s rest is subject to a fine in the form of non-refund of the deposit, and immediate termination of the stay without any compensation. 
  13. If the guests hand over parts of the House used by them with incomplete or damaged equipment, they undertake to pay for the damage caused in full.
  14. For safety purposes it is not allowed to leave children under the age of 10 unattended, especially in the outdoor areas of the House, on stairs and in all places with high risk of injury.
  15. Any guest comments or complaints are dealt with by the Owner.
  16. At their own discretion, the guests are hereby encouraged to save water and electricity.
  17. The waste of the House is connected to WWTP (wastewater treatment plant), which is why the use of aggressive cleaning or disinfecting agents (e.g. Savo, Tirex, drain cleaners, etc.) is not allowed. To ensure smooth running of the WWTP, it is strictly forbidden to pour fats and oils into drains, used fats and oils must be collected in a special container, which is then disposed of in a bin designed for this purpose, located by the road, approx. 250 metres from the House together with paper and plastics containers.
  18. Please respect the strict ban on disposing of any solid waste (food, fruits and vegetables, non-degradable material such as diapers, newspapers, sanitary towels, wet paper napkins, foils, etc.) into the toilets and drains.
  19. The guests are obliged to pay for the loss, heavy soiling or tearing of the bed linen.
  20. If the guests soil any room to the extent that it has to be cleaned, disinfected etc., they are also obliged to cover the cost of the damage to the necessary extent specified by the Operator.
  21. In the room and in other premises of the House, the guests are obliged to behave in a way not to cause fire. This involves STRICT PROHIBITION OF SMOKING IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS. Violation of the smoking ban inside the House is under the fine of forfeiture of the refundable deposit and termination of stay without compensation.
  22. Pets are allowed upon prior agreement with the Owner for an agreed fee stated in the price list. Every guest can bring only one dog (more upon agreement with the Owner). Dog owners are responsible for cleanliness around the entire premises and inside the House – when walking the dogs, please clean up after them.
  23. Wifi in the House has limited data and is therefore intended for normal work and other activities on notebook or tablet. If films or graphic files are downloaded, the data will be exhausted and the connection speed and quality will be reduced.
  24. The washing machine and dryer are available free of charge between 8 am and 9:30 pm. When using them, the guests must keep in mind the duration of the washing or drying cycles and turn them on well in advance, so that the cycles finish on time. Outside the specified operating times it is not possible to turn on the appliances, they are disconnected from the power supply.
  25. Please sort the garbage into bags and take them to the containers located approx. 250 m from the House, by the road to the church (paper, kitchen oils and plastic). Regular household waste must be thrown into bags and those into the container located opposite the entrance to the House.
  26. During your stay, please maintain order in the interior of the House and in its surroundings (cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner are available in the room by the washing machine, tools for snow removal are in front of the House).
  27. The price of the stay includes: bed linen, towels in the room, kitchen towels, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets, bin bags, cleaning products, the use of washing machine and dryer, final cleaning after the guest’s departure.
  28. The price of the stay does not include: laundry detergents, toilet paper, toiletries, barbecue coal.

Accommodation Conditions

The guests use their booked stay at their own risk. The Operator IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for injuries, damage and destruction of property (liability for damage to health and property caused to a third party), for damages caused by natural elements, and for damages associated with these events.

Termination of stay by the Operator:

The Operator has the right to terminate the stay immediately if:

  1. there is an arbitrary increase in the number of people during the stay.
  2. the smoking ban or the use of open fire in the building is violated.
  3. the accommodation facility is being damaged or destructed (vandalised).

Please not that in such cases there is no entitlement to a refund of the payment for accommodation.

Safety Measures

1. Movement around the House at own risk. Be aware of the risk of injury on the stairs, on wet surface (in case of spillage or wet floor, report to the Operator) and by electricity.

2. The guests must not keep guns, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or poisons in the House, and must not start fire.

5. In the event of a fire, there are portable fire extinguishers in easily accessible and visible places of the House. Only use the fire extinguishers in the event of a fire!!!! Any damage or use of fire extinguishers in other situations (negligence, vandalism, access of children…) will have to be compensated. This includes payment for a new fire extinguisher and the cost of cleaning the premises and any other damage incurred.

6. If the guests arrive after the agreed date, they pay for the entire booked stay.

7. Use of the playground, barbecue and outdoor areas is at own risk.

8. The accommodated person hereby gives a consent to the accommodation provider with the processing and storage of their personal data, to the extent of the provided data, for the purpose of providing accommodation and maintaining guest records in the sense of Act no. 565/1990 Coll., on local fees and Act no. 326/1999 Coll., on the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic, and on the amendment of certain laws.

Liability for Property Damage

The guests are obliged to secure their property so that it cannot be damaged or stolen. The Operator is not liable for damage to the property of the accommodated persons in case of theft of things left in freely accessible parts of the House or its surroundings, although the Operator declares that he does and will do everything to prevent any damage to property of the accommodated persons. The Operator is not liable for any damage to guests’ vehicles in the adjacent parking lot.

Liability for Damage to Own Health and Health of Entrusted Persons

The Operator has taken all measures to prevent damage to health of accommodated persons. The Operator is not responsible for health of the accommodated persons during normal operation.

In Pístov, on 17 August 2020