Pouzit pro ukonceni piktogramu
  • The price of accommodation does not include room service and breakfast, each of our guests has the opportunity to use the kitchen with all the necessary equipment for preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, according to everyone’s own ideas and needs.
  • Payment of advance and additional invoices can be made by bank transfer after issuing this advance invoice in advance or by any payment card on the spot (including mobile payment).
  • dog is charged 8,- EUR/night max 1 dog
min. nightsnight price per roomNote
Apartment 4 117,- EURtotal
4 persons/night/apartment
Room LUX4
64,- EUR
2 persons/night/room
51,- EUR
2 persons/night/room
Extra bed460,- EURtotal
3 persons/night/room
All rooms in house72.860,- EURmax. 24 persons/7 nights